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Get back on the right path if you've accused of domestic violence. When you've been charged with domestic violence, the Law Office of Jezic & Moyse, LLC offers competent legal representation and compassionate guidance. Even though you were charged with domestic battery or assault doesn't mean you actually committed the crime.

When you have been arrested for domestic violence, whether you are guilty or innocent, put your trust in our experienced domestic violence lawyer in Silver Spring, MD. We fervently represent you and work diligently to lessen or eliminate the charges. At the same time, we work to determine the truth behind the charge and provide competent legal defense.

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Domestic Violence - Silver Spring MD
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Trustworthy & Skilled Domestic Assault Lawyer

At our law firm, we believe you are innocent of all charges until proven guilty. At the same time, even if you are guilty of the charges, we understand that mistakes happen and life can be very difficult. We don't judge, but we give provide the legal defense you deserve. Allow our domestic assault lawyer to sort through the details and offer a sense of calm during this time.

If handled incorrectly, domestic violence charges can escalate into child custody battles or even lengthy prison sentences. Throughout the years, we have seen a rise in false reports of domestic violence cases. Don't go to court without an experienced domestic battery attorney by your side. Instead, depend on our lawyers that are experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

A Compassionate Domestic Battery Attorney 

If you are dealing with a domestic battery charge, you need a lawyer that is highly competent and also understanding. You receive both at our law firm. We believe you are innocent until proven guilty, you are entitled to a fair trial, and you deserve expert representation regardless of the situation. Our domestic violence lawyer is a compassionate professional that is dedicated to fervently defending you.

Those charged with domestic abuse face severe penalties and even prison time. You can be sure that the prosecution will mount a full-scale attack on your character. That's why you need a zealous and experienced domestic battery attorney by your side. We never take the opposing side's arguments or evidence at face value. Instead, we mount a full-scale defense in order to prove your innocence or reduce the charges for you.

Experienced Attorney for Sexual Assault Cases

Sexual assault charges carry serious legal consequences for perpetrators. In addition, there is a social stigma attached to those who are guilty of them. If you've been accused, you need an experienced sexual assault attorney to help you navigate through the court system. In addition to minimizing the sentence, we also determine if the charges against you are fabricated or misleading.

Contact us for prompt attention to your needs if you have been charged with domestic violence. We proudly serve Silver Spring, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Bethesda, and Tysons Corner, Maryland.