Criminal Defense Attorneys in Silver Spring, MD

When you are facing criminal charges, know that you are never alone. The Law Office of Jezic & Moyse, LLC is here for you. Our team of criminal defense attorneys in Silver Spring, Maryland, delivers a quick and aggressive defense when you have been accused of a crime. Whether you are being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, you still have rights, and our attorneys do everything possible to protect them on your behalf. You deserve quality legal representation, and our criminal defense attorneys have the experience and determination needed to defend your case.

Criminal Attorneys in Silver Spring, MD

Criminal Defense Attorneys 

When it comes to your future and the wellbeing of your family, never settle for lackluster representation. Our criminal defense attorneys understand the ins and the outs of the state and federal criminal justice system, giving us the expertise needed to argue your case effectively.

No matter what you have been charged with, our attorneys are sure to represent you with a streamlined, high-powered defense. We provide individualized attention for every client to ensure they receive the detailed assistance he or she deserve. Some of the cases we handle include:

• Traffic Violations
• Domestic Violence
• Drug Charges
• Assault & Battery
• Burglary 
• Sexual Assault
• Larceny

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A Criminal Law Attorney Who Is on Your Side

While representing yourself in court may seem like a desirable option, it can actually bring more harm to your case because you lack the necessary legal expertise. Additionally, the prosecution utilizes experienced lawyers to ensure you receive the most severe penalty possible, and it can be difficult to battle against trained attorneys. Hiring a criminal law attorney should be the first step you take to protect your rights.

When searching for legal representation to defend your case, depend on a law firm that is experienced and confident in the courtroom. You deserve an experienced criminal defense lawyer when you are facing legal troubles. From drunk driving to personal injury issues, our criminal defense attorneys offer the sound legal counsel you need to realize the best possible outcome for your criminal case.

Contact us today to receive comprehensive assistance from our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys. We proudly serve Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda, Kensington, and Tysons Corner, Maryland.